I have a touching love story to share.
It was happened in 4 November 2010.
It is an online article.

Love seemed like an impossible dream for Dong Zhiyuan and Yuan Wanyu before they got to know each other through the internet over a year ago.
Dong, a 23-year-old from a remote county named Tai’an in northeast China’s Liaoning Province, was born with congenital rickets and is only 80 centimetres in height. He has been dubbed “Mini Boy” or “Shorty”.
Yuan, 21, was badly disfigured due to an accident when she was a one-year-old baby. She has no fingers on her left hand and a badly burnt nose. For 20 years, she had been unable to close her eyes due to the disfigurement.
Dong, due to his physically-disability, spent most of his childhood in bed since he was prone to fractures and was thus home schooled.
When he was 18, he asked his mother to buy him a second-hand computer, determined to be a useful man rather than a burden to the society. With dedication and self-discipline, he became very savvy in website construction and internet technology.
A founder of four websites and an operation supervisor of seven websites, he is now an IT clerk of an information services company in Anshan, regional capital of his hometown.
News of Dong conquering physical and social challenges spread beyond his hometown and tugged at the heartstrings of Yuan who was living in south China’s Guangdong Province.
Financial difficulties of her family had forced Yuan to give up her college dream. The discrimination caused by her disfigurement also robbed the high-school graduate of many job opportunities, throwing her into despair.
In 2009, Yuan, dejected after several unsuccessful job interviews, found a confidant on a head-hunting website for the disabled.
That confidant was none other than Dong. Being in the same boat as Dong, Yuan found herself falling in love with Dong.
“He is a very kind man,” said Yuan.
In early April this year, Dong confessed his feelings to Yuan. “I love her from my heart,” Dong said, “and I will warm her heart all my life.”
Yuan was deeply touched by Dong’s genuine confession and soon moved to his home in Liaoning.

In order to heal Yuan’s eye problem, Dong withdrew all his savings and brought the Yuan to Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, for cosmetic surgery.

Love conquers. Getting to know of the couple’s story, Shenyang Xiehe Cosmetic Hospital waived the 100,000 yuan (around 15,000 USD) surgery fees.

After the first round of surgery, Yuan is now one step closer to become a normal girl.
Meanwhile, Dong got a new start in his career. He set up a vegetable plantation and provided green vegetables to local residents and city dwellers.

“To me, Yuan is the holiest and most gorgeous girl in the world,” Dong said, “I will marry her after she completes all the surgeries so that she can finally put on a beautiful wedding dress. No matter what happens, Wanyu and I will face up to it together.

This is such a sweet love story…..one that touches hearts and gives hope to others.

To me, life is really beautiful.
It really is.
Just remember that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Sources: A Touching Chinese Love Story